Are visitors allowed to touch or handle the salt?

Please refrain from touching the walls. They are hand slung and very fragile.  Keeping these surfaces intact helps to ensure the best possible environment for everyone who uses The Salt Room. We ask that parents who accompany children in session take extra care to ensure that their kids understand this guideline.


Are foods or beverages allowed in The Salt Room?

No. If you have food or beverages with you, please consume them before your session or leave them in your private and secure locker that we provide. If it can stain or cause damage it is not allowed in the salt rooms. You will be responsible for any damage done by sneaking in food, juice, gum, candy, etc.


What should I wear in The Salt Room?

Comfortable, casual clothing is fine. We also provide booties to go over your feet. Additionally, we ask visitors to refrain from wearing perfumes or fragrances as a courtesy to other visitors who may have an allergy or sensitivity.


Do you take walk-ins?

We strongly encourage visitors to book in advance. If there are open slots 5-10 minutes prior to the start of a session, we will gladly accept walk-ins. Keep in mind that we cannot open the therapy room once a session has started. Late arrivals or walk-ins who check in past the start time will be asked to wait for the next available slot. We apologize for any inconvenience.


How often do I need to visit The Salt Room to experience its benefits?

It can vary depending on your individual health conditions and how your own body responds to salt therapies. Some may find it beneficial to visit more often during times when problems such as allergy symptoms tend to be more severe (i.e., changing seasons), or during periods of increased physical or emotional stress. We recommend a minimum of 2 sessions to get a feel of how your body responds to the salt therapy.


Is The Salt Room safe for pregnant women?

Salt therapy is safe for women at any stage of pregnancy. Because pregnancy can affect women in different ways, we encourage you to consult your doctor if you have specific questions or concerns.



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